Home or Abroad: Where is the Best Place to Take Your TEFL Course?

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Once you have decided you want to become an English language teacher and take a TEFL course the next big decision is where to take the course. For most people the choice lies between taking a course in the place that you currently live, or taking a course in the place you plan to teach. There are pros and cons for both, and here we help you decide which is best for you.

Pros for Taking the TEFL Where You Currently Live

– Your accommodation arrangements are likely to be organised already
– You are likely to have a support network around you
– The environment is familiar and you will not need to face cultural differences or culture shock
– Taking a TEFL course where you live may be cheaper than taking it abroad

Pros for Talking the TEFL in the Location Where You Plan to Teach

– You can climatize to any cultural differences before starting work
– You will not have your ‘at home’ distractions such as your friends, hobbies etc
– You are more likely to be able to secure a job face to face
– You will gain practical experience of teaching monolingual groups similar to those you will teach after qualifying
– Taking a TEFL course in the country you plan to teach in may be cheaper than taking it in your home country

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CELTA in Seville (reduced price only €1490 now): 4 week course, starting 26th November

Trinity TESOL in Barcelona (€1550): 4 week course, starting 19th November


TEFL in Florence (€1195): 4 week course, starting 12th November


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