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Why Learn Turkish with Cactus?

Cactus Language provides group evening Turkish courses in the UK and private Turkish language tuition in all major cities across the world. With approximately 75 million speakers worldwide, 90% of which are in Turkey, and the rest spread over some 35 countries including Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Macedonia, Romania and Uzbekistan, Turkish is a popular language to learn given its pivotal role between the Middle East and Europe. Turkish is part of the Turkish family of languages, which also includes Gagauz, and Khorasani and Osmanli Turkish.

Not related to the other major languages of Europe or the Middle East but instead distantly related to Finnish and Hungarian, Turkey is often referred to as a ‘bridge between the West and the East’. This is illustrated on the streets of Istanbul by the great variety in dress ; men in traditional Islamic skull caps, or in T-shirts and jeans, and women with headscarves, or in miniskirts and high-heeled shoes. Turkey presents a fascinating mix of West meeting East and will continue to have geographical strategic importance in the modern world.

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Turkish Language Training

Cactus offers private Turkish lessons involving one-to-one classes at your home or place of work and Skype lessons at the time and place of your choice. Tuition with a native speaking teacher can be taken in any major city in the world, and if you travel for work you can combine face-to-face classes with Skype lessons when you are out of the country. For more information about our Turkish courses visit our private and corporate language training division.

Group UK Evening Courses

An excellent way to improve your Turkish language skills and grasp the fundamentals of the Turkish language is by taking a Turkish evening language course with Cactus Language. We offer Turkish courses in London, Manchester and other locations across the UK.

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