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English Courses Oxford

English Courses Oxford: Learn English in Oxford

With its magnificent architecture, attractive cobbled streets and thriving student life, Oxford cannot fail to impress. It’s one of England’s most famous and prestigious cities, and with good reason. Oxford University has nurtured some of the world’s finest academics and remains one of the most sought after places in which to study, globally. Away from the academic scene is a flourishing city with a busy, commercial centre and scores of entertainment venues where students can practise their English after their lessons, and it is certainly an inspirational place to learn English. Once home to C.S Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and Oscar Wilde, Oxford’s writers are of legendary proportions, and once here, you will not be able to avoid the feeling of greatness that pervades this city. If you are interested in learning English in Oxford and booking one of our English Courses in Oxford at our schools why not take our free online English level test to check your level?



Where to Learn English in Oxford?

BSC Oxford School – Central Oxford: Our high quality English school in Oxford is located in the heart of the city and close to all major attractions. The school offers modern facilities and many different English language programmes.

We also offer English summer language camps for children and teens in Oxford.

All of our English courses Oxford are delivered by an accredited English language school which offer the highest quality English language teaching and tuition. For more information to learn English in Oxford or to make a booking, please contact us.



Why Learn English in Oxford?

✅ Learn English and admire Oxford’s impressive architecture – named ‘the city of the dreaming spires’ due to the many spires that rise up from the university buildings by the poet Matthew Arnold

✅ Enjoy major festivals including, the Oxford Literary Festival, Oxford Jazz Festival, and Oxford Chamber Music Festival whilst you learn English

✅ Large international population and bustling student life

✅ Only one hour from London by train

✅ Find more about English summer language camps for children and teens in Oxford

✅ Speak to one of our advisors today Hablamos español, Nous parlons français, Parliamo l’Italiano



Choose Your Programme in Oxford

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