French Courses Guadeloupe

French Courses Guadeloupe: Learn French in Guadeloupe

A French ‘département’, Guadeloupe offers an enticing mix of French and Caribbean culture, stunning landscapes, and a warm climate. This Caribbean island is set in a beautiful natural environment, with a first-rate national park, breathtaking volcano, warm waters, and sandy beaches lined with coconuts trees. Guadeloupe is a great destination if you want to learn French in a more exotic setting and experience the unique Creole culture. If you are interested in booking onto one of our French Courses Guadeloupe why not take our free online French level test to check your level?


Where is the Best Place to Learn French in Guadeloupe?

Le Gosier: Our school in Guadeloupe is in a tranquil part of the island – walking distance to the beach. A great place to learn French and discover everything this Caribbean island has to offer.

All of our French courses Guadeloupe are delivered by accredited French language schools which offer the highest quality French language teaching and tuition. For more information on any of our French courses Guadeloupe or to make a booking, please contact us.


What Type of French Courses Can I Study in Guadeloupe?

Our French language schools in Guadeloupe offer a wide range of courses, from General French Course to Intensive French Course. You can study French in Guadeloupe from 1 week to 52 weeks, and you can choose the number of lessons per week that suit your schedule and budget. Simply select your French course type, then you can choose accommodation and airport transfers as you wish.

To receive a free consultation on the best French course in Guadeloupe for you, please contact us or call us on 00 44 (0) 1273 830 960 and one of our multilingual advisers will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Why Study French in Guadeloupe?

✅ Immerse yourself in French-Caribbean culture

✅ Explore a stunning national park

✅ Dive in warm waters and admire colourful corals

✅ Warm weather all year long

✅ Travel easily to Martinique

✅ Download our free French Language Kit before you go

✅ Speak to one of our advisors today. Hablamos español, Nous parlons français, Parliamo l’Italiano


French Courses Guadeloupe – Choose Your Course

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