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Thai Language Courses – Why Learn Thai?

Learn Thai by taking one of our Thai courses and have the opportunity to communicate with around 80 million people worldwide. The vast majority of speakers reside in Thailand and the countries that border it, such as Laos and Burma.

Thailand is an exciting, beautiful, exotic country, having scenery ranging from breath taking mountains and rain-forests, to gorgeous sandy beaches. Probably the greatest reason anyone learns Thai is to travel around this amazing country and to meet the warm, friendly people who live here. If you get off the beaten track you will discover that you don’t have a chance to speak your mother tongue and you will hear Thai spoken everywhere you go. If you are planning for move to Thailand for work or retirement, then speaking the Thai language is a must.



Start Learning Thai

Learning Thai is a lot easier than most people think. Most students can hold a simple conversation inside the first two months of study, and those who choose to learn to read are able to read street signs and menus inside a few short weeks. It’s important to assess which type of language course or combination of courses is the most appropriate for you. So find out what are the best ways to start learning Thai.



How can I check my Thai Level?

Are you at beginner level or advanced level? You can check your Thai language level for free! Test your Thai with our Thai language level test. Find out which level is right for you before you book!

For a detailed quote about learning Thai and free consultation please contact us. Or, call us on 00 44 (0) 1273 830 960.


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Online Thai Courses

Cactus offers online Thai language courses for students looking to learn Thai wherever they are. Courses are 10-weeks, interactive and engaging, and students can enjoy real-time interactions with teacher.

Thai Group Language Courses – UK

An excellent way to improve your Thai language skills before or after your language experience abroad is by taking a group Thai evening language course with Cactus. We offer Thai courses in London.

Thai Private Tuition

Cactus offers a range of options for Thai private tuition. Your Thai classes can take place anywhere in the world and they will be tailor-made to your personal needs and interests, enabling you to make rapid progress. Find out more about private Thai lessons or contact us with your requirements.

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