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Spanish Courses in Spain

Learning Spanish in Spain is the best way to improve your Spanish. When you take any of our Spanish courses in Spain the Spanish you will have the chance to embrace a new culture. Spanish people, are for their open and friendly, and will provide a warm welcome. And when you combine this with the Spanish sunshine you have the perfect Spanish language holiday combination!

From the hugely popular Barcelona to the colourful and peaceful Andalusia, Spain has much to offer. We offer Spanish courses and Spanish classes throughout the country. From the big cities where you will meet people from all over the world, to small villages where you can interact with the locals on a daily basis.



Where to Learn Spanish in Spain?

If you are wondering, Where can I learn Spanish in Spain? Then there are many amazing places for you to choose from. These are our top 5 locations to take any of our Spanish courses in Spain:

Barcelona: home to Sagrada Família, Park Güell and Las Ramblas. Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a wonderful place for you to start learning Spanish. Immerse in the vibrant culture of the city

Málaga: A young and dynamic city, full of history and the native city of Picasso. A great place to start learning Spanish and enjoy the good weather all year-round in Andalusia.

San Sebastián: known for its bay – ‘La Concha’, San Sebastian has it all. From golden sandy beaches to delightful food, from lush forests to a lively cultural scene. A great place to learn and have surf lessons.

Seville: combining an historic city centre with new and sights it’s not for every city and Seville does it perfectly. You will learn, enjoy delicious tapas and be amazed by the festive cultural scene.

Valencia: this city combines the best of Spain in one place! Mediterranean weather all year long, white sandy beaches, unforgettable festivities and is home to Spain most famous’ dish – Paella.

All our Spanish courses in Spain are delivered by accredited Spanish language schools. Schools offer the highest quality Spanish language teaching and tuition. For more information to learn Spanish in Spain or to make a booking, please contact us. Or, call us on 00 44 (0) 1273 830 960.




Why Learn Spanish in Spain?

✅ Learn Spanish and make new friends easily with the welcoming and talkative locals in Granada

✅ Try tasty Spanish cuisine and tapas including paella, patatas bravas and calamares in Valencia

✅ Admire the paintings of world famous artists such as Velazquez, Goya, Dali and Picasso in Madrid

✅ Dance to the fast and enchanting rhythm of flamenco in Seville

✅ Discover the natural beauty of Menorca

✅ Relax on long sandy beaches under the beaming sunshine in Denia or Cadiz  while you learn Spanish in Spain

✅ Download our free Spanish in Language Kit before you go

✅ Learn 10 fun and interesting facts about Spain

9 Things You Need to Know About Learning Spanish before your Spanish Course

✅ Discover the Best Spanish School in Spain



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