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On a Budget

Language Holidays On A Budget

It’s important to get the best deal possible – so you can learn and have fun without worrying you are spending too much. By following our top tips for language holiday savings you will not only enjoy your language holiday abroad and improve your language skills, you won’t break the bank either. Have a question? Why not Download our free Language Holidays Brochure for Adults?


Top Tips for Language Holidays On a Budget

✅ Choose your school carefully. Cactus only offers the best schools with the best quality in tuition however, school prices do vary and can make a big difference to the overall cost. Ask your advisor for the best deal.

✅ Cactus always has some great special offers – this could be up to 40% off the cost of the tuition, or even free accommodation. These special offers are ofter unique to Cactus Language – so you won’t be able to find these offers elsewhere.

✅ Exchange your money before you go – by planning ahead and exchanging your money at the Post Office you can save on commission fees and exchange rates.

✅ Use a comparison site to find your flights. Skyscanner helps you find the cheapest flight available – and if you’re flexible on dates then you can pick up a bargain. Have a look at other really useful travel tips about How To Find Cheap Flights.

✅ Staying with a host family is often the cheapest accommodation option – and it is also the most culturally enriching and gives you lots of extra opportunities to practise your language. It’s win-win-win.

✅ Download some free apps about the place you are visiting before you go – these will give you maps, insider info, restaurants, transport etc and won’t cost you a penny. Here are the Top 50 Travel Apps.

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