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Get Romantic, Go Italian: The Italian Glossary of Love

valentines day

Get Romantic and Go Italian this Valentine’s Day

It’s no secret that the Italian language has an attractive and lilting sound that makes it one of the most romantic languages in the world. What you may not know is how to use these beautiful expressions to win over the object of your affection this Valentine’s and assist you with your soulful declarations of love. Learn now with our Italian glossary of love


L’ amore è tutto: Italian love expressions

Avere il cuore nello zucchero To have your heart dipped in sugar, to be in love

Riprendersi dopo una delusione d’amoreTo recover from a heartbreak

Sei la mia anima gemellaYou are my soul mate

Sei il mio migliore amico/amicaYou are my very best friend

Mi vuoi sposareWill you marry me?

Si, ti sposo / No grazieYes, I’ll marry you / No thanks

Ti penso ogni giornoI think about you every day

Provo a dimenticarti ma non ci riescoI try to forget you but I can’t

Sei bellissimo/bellissimaYou are very beautiful

L’amore e’ ciecoLove is blind

Posso darti un bacio?Can I give you a kiss?

Ti abbraccio/ ti do un abbraccioI’ll give you a hug

Per me sei perfetto/perfettaYou are perfect to me

Il cuore ha ragioni che la mente non comprendeThe heart has reasons that the mind doesn’t understand

Mi manchiI miss you

Ho bisogno di tempoI need time

Ti amo da morireI love you so much

Sono tuo/tuaI am yours

Vita mia: My life

Cucciolo Puppy


Dolce metàOther half

L’ amore è tuttoLove is everything

Baci: sweeten the day with chocolate kisses

If you wish to gift more than words to your loved one, the typical Valentine’s Day chocolates in Italy are the Baci (kisses) Perugina, which are droplet shaped chocolates containing romantic phrases, sayings, quotations from famous writers and poets, and wise proverbs. They are the equivalent of Chinese cookies, but Italian, romantic and made of chocolate.


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