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Interesting Germany Facts

Germany Facts

Germany Facts – 10 Fun and Interesting Facts!

The home of sauerkraut, Volkswagen and the band Rammstein, Germany has a lot to offer to those visiting or studying there! While their economical might in Europe is well documented, we have taken a look at other interesting Germany facts which are less well known. With a rich history in arts, language and food, German is the worlds most popular third language, and what better place to learn it than in the country itself! Cactus offer a range of language holidays for adults and juniors in Germany to suit everyone.


10 Germany Facts:

1. Castles Everywhere

Germany can officially boast the fact they have the most castles still standing than any other country in the world. With over 20,000 castles dotted across the nation, you can always find a historical stronghold to visit. While some follow the traditional style you find in the UK, others are far more elaborate.

Germany Facts - Hohenzollern Castle

Hohenzollern Castle, situated in the south of the country, is a prime example of stunning architecture and is positioned atop Mount Hohenzollern. Its outstanding panoramic views attract over 350,000 visitors a year!

Colditz Castle is probably considered the most famous of all German castles due to its use during World War 2 as a prison for POW’s and political prisoners. Colditz is a must visit for all history buffs!


2. Car Production

From Volkswagen and Mercedes to BMW and Audi, we are all aware of German car manufacturers. Germany prides itself on its car production and manufacturers such as Porsche are considered to be some of the best in the world.

German cars in a line

German manufacturers produce over 11 million cars a year, with 6 million of those produced in Germany itself! Their reliability and robust construction is notorious and makes them popular with drivers across the world.


3. Gutenberg Bible

The Gutenberg Bible is considered by many to be the first book to be printed in Europe. Produced in 1455, this bible was the first book to produced using moveable type.

Germany Facts - Gutenberg Bible

This process used individual letters and punctuation which could be rearranged for each page. 180 copies were produced with only 49 having survived to the present day. Of these 49 copies only 21 a completely intact.


4. German & English

While English and German may seem very different at a quick glance, there are a huge amounts of similarities between the two languages. The spelling, structure and pronunciation of the two languages make them two of the most related languages in the world.


5. Largest City in the EU

Since the UK’s departure from the European Union, Berlin has taken the crown as the most populous city in the Union. With over 3.7 million inhabitants it is unsurprising that it is also one of the largest cities in Europe.

Germany Facts - Berlin

However, when comparing to other European cities, its scale is surprising. For example, Berlin is nine times larger than Paris and has more bridges than Venice! Now that is one of the most impressive Germany facts in this list.


6. Animal Lovers

For wildlife lovers Germany is the ideal destination. The fascination with animals in Germany over the last few centuries has meant that as a nation they have more than 400 zoos to visit. While some of these attractions are small and quaint, others, such as The Tierpark, are home to thousands of animals!


7. Beer is Food

As the second highest beer consuming country in Europe, it would be amiss to not mention Germany’s favourite tipple.

German beer being poured

In the Bavarian region of the country beer is officially classed as food! Officially classed as ‘liquid bread’ it is no wonder that Germany also host the national festival Oktoberfest!


8. Escaping Prison

For those who break the law and end up in prison in Germany there is one major difference from other Western countries. In German prisons, should you try to escape you will not be punished. In Germany ‘freedom’ is considered a basic human instinct and therefore attempting to escape prison is legal. However, should other crimes being committed during an escape attempt they will still be punished accordingly.


9. 90 Billion Trees!

Covering over 357,000 square kilometres, Germany is one of the larger European countries. Surprisingly though over 1/3 of the country is covered with forest. That’s 11.4 million hectares and 90 billion trees!

The Black Forest in Germany

The Black Forest in the South West of Germany is the most popular destination for rural explorers. Covering over 2,300 square miles, you are guaranteed to find some peace and quiet in its lush, green covering.


10. Daylights Savings

While the other Germany facts in this list do not all directly affect people outside of the country, this one does. The extra hour in bed (or one less when reverting) due to Daylights Savings can be attributed to Germany. In 1916 Germany became the first nation to implement Daylights Savings as a way to preserve energy and fuel during the height of World War 1. While a small town in Canada has already trialled the process, Germany’s implementation caused the spread of the idea across the world.


Interesting Germany Facts

While these Germany facts are some of the most interesting, the list is not exhaustive. Germany is a country of many wonders and full of hidden gems. If you are looking at learning German or just to hone your existing skills, there is nothing quite like studying in the native country. We offer a range of courses for adults and juniors, all fully adaptable to suit your needs.

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