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About FL Biarritz Adventure Camp

FL Biarritz Adventure is a French language in Biarritz ideal for teenagers who are interested in the practise of surfing whilst learning French and discovering the Southwest Coast of France. The language programme in Biarritz combines the best of sports and first-rate French language tuition for teenagers aged 13-17.

This French language summer camp combines French language classes in the morning with a broad range of sports activities in the afternoon where students from all over the world immerse in the experience of discovering the French culture with excursions to Bayonne or St Jean de Luz. On-site residential and homestay accommodation is provided by the school, as is excellent pastoral care and first-rate French language tuition. Have a question? Why not Download our free Summer & Winter Language Camp Guide for Parents?

✅ Secure environment for the practice of sports

✅ Airport transfer included

✅ Located 15 minutes from Biarritz Airport

IALC and FLE – Accredited Centre

✅ All levels from Elementary to Advanced

✅ Open to students aged 13 – 17

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School Facilities

✅ Bright and modern classrooms

Private garden

Sports hall and swimming pool

✅ Lounge and Dining Hall  

✅ Football and rugby fields


Weekly Activities FL Biarritz Adventure Camp

✅ Sports activities: surf (4 sessions of 1h30)

✅ Traditional camp games: Sports and Competitions

✅ Evening activities: beach picnic, karaoke and outdoor movies

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Accommodation in Biarritz

Accommodation at FL Biarritz Adventure starts Sunday during the day and departure is on the Saturday morning. Students will stay in a residence or carefully select host-families. Transfers are included from Biarritz Airport or train station.

Residence: full-board

✔️ 4 students per bedroom (en-suite)

✔️ Shared bathroom

✔️ Shared common spaces

✔️ Full-board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

✔️ WiFi

✔️ Bed linen and towels

✔️ Located on-site

✔️ Airport transfer included

✔️ Minimum age – 13

✔️ Maximum age – 14

Host-family: full-board

✔️ Single or twin bedrooms (shared with another student)

✔️ Shared bathroom

✔️ Shared common spaces

✔️ Full-board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

✔️ WiFi

✔️ Bed linen

✔️ Located 10 to 30 minutes to the school

✔️ Airport transfer included

✔️ Minimum age – 15

✔️ Maximum age – 17


FL Biarritz Adventure – Choose Your Programme

To book a language camp at FL Biarritz Adventure, just click ‘Book now’ below. Check the start dates, select the number of weeks and check the price before you book. Get an instant quote now!

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FL Biarritz Adventure Reviews

| 7 reviews

Social Programme
Would you go back?
July, 2022
It was ok but the food was awful and I felt like we only talked french during the lessons. The instructions on getting to the location were unclear and the camp was not actually in Biarritz but in Bayonne.
July, 2022
It was fun and social, was always doing something and if we weren’t then we were sleeping.
July, 2021
Anna absolutely loved the course. The only criticism that she had was the food. She‘s not a particularly picky eater so it’s not that she wouldn’t try what was served but herself and in fact most others ended up buying food out ( when possible) when they were in Biarritz on free time. They bought croissants etc for breakfast the following morning and and when possible dinner also. I know it’s difficult to please everyone tastes ( which is impossible :D) but i think it might be worth taking a look at the food options. I’m really not complaining because at the end of the day, they all survived and certainly looked very healthy at the end of it . Everything else was fantastic and a huge thank you to all the coaches and the teacher. It’s a very good sign when you go to collect someone and they say that they would love to stay for another month 👍 Thanks again for everything . Merci
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