Spanish Summer Camps Malaga

Spanish Summer Camps Malaga: Spanish for Children and Teens in Malaga

Malaga is a safe, friendly city, with year-round sunshine and the best sardines in the world! Not too big and not too small, Malaga is easy to get around. As the birth place of Pablo Picasso it offers some of Spain’s greatest treasures such as the Moorish fortress ‘Alcazaba’ and the imposing Cathedral of Malaga. Whilst the port area has undergone a modern transformation in recent years, resulting in the perfect combination of old and new. Young students will benefit from the city’s relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and will have many opportunities to practice their Spanish after their lessons. Start your child or teen learning Spanish with Cactus by enrolling them on a Spanish Summer Camps Malaga in Spain. Do you have a question? Why not Download our free Summer & Winter Language Camp Guide for Parents?

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Why Choose any of our Spanish Summer Camps Malaga?

✅ Go to the beach all year round and enjoy their famous sardines!

✅ Friendly and welcoming people

✅ Visit the Picasso museum in the birth place of the man himself

✅ A safe and easy city to get around

✅ Enjoy lots of outdoor activities

✅ Speak to one of our advisors today. Hablamos español, Nous parlons français, Parliamo l’Italiano



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Spanish Summer Camps in Malaga – Map

Malaga Beach Camp: Residential summer camp in Malaga for teens aged 12-17. Includes many cultural activities and excursions across Andalusia.




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