National Dishes Around the World

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National Dishes Around the World

Table of food

Cuisine makes up a huge part of a country’s culture. We have compiled a list of just a few national dishes around the world and explored their origins and impact on the rest of the world.

From roasted meats to stews and pastries, food helps unite us all. Sampling a country’s national dish is always a must when visiting. This small selection of offerings will be sure to get your taste buds tingling.


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5 Facts About Tokyo

5 Tokyo Facts

Tokyo Facts – 5 Unique Facts!

The city of Tokyo is a popular destination for millions of people across the world. Frequently listed on travel ‘bucket lists’ due to its combination of futuristic appearance, culture and technological integration, the capital of Japan is a sight to behold. For those thinking of visiting or studying Japanese in Tokyo, we have put together a list 5 unique Tokyo facts about this Eastern metropolis. These highlights are enough to whet the appetite of any potential visitors.


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English Slang and Colloquial Phrases

Learning English is one of the most rewarding dialects to study. As the most spoken language in the world, English is considered an essential language to learn even at a basic level. However, whilst being a key language it can also be challenging due to the vast amount of slang used by native speakers. Below is a list of some of the most common English slang and colloquial phrases you may hear across the UK. 

English Slang and Colloquial Phrases

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National Beverages Around the World

National Beverages

When visiting a new country on vacation or for work its always enjoyable to partake in the local speciality. We have put together this informative guide of national beverages from around the world to help you join in with the locals and their favourite alcoholic and non-alcoholic tipples. 

While a lot of these national beverages can be found across the world, sampling the local thirst quencher in its home country is always slightly better. From England to France to Mexico, find out more about these countries national beverages.


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5 Useful Summer Holiday Phrases and Travel Tips

5 Useful Summer Holiday Phrases and Travel Tips

With summer holidays upon us many people will be taking the opportunity to spend some time in foreign climes. We’ve put together a collection of useful summer holiday phrases to give you a language boost while visiting other countries and interacting with locals.

For extra help with your next vacation, we’ve also added some tips and tricks for popular tourist destinations. Learning a language with Cactus can really maximise your travel experience and help get fully immersed in the local culture. 

Find out the 5 useful summer holiday phrases for your next trip abroad and start learning a new language today.

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