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Halloween in Europe – Top 5 Destinations

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Halloween in America – 10 Things You Should Know

Halloween in America pumpkins

If you’re planning to learn English in the US around Halloween, you’re in for some fun! America is the birthplace of modern Halloween traditions. America’s love of consumerism has propelled this traditionally Pagan holiday to new heights. From decorations to food, activities to all-round spookiness, there is a lot do be discovered. Halloween in America is nothing like anywhere else.


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Music From Around the World


Music from Around the World

For millennia music has been a tool which allows humans to connect, express and celebrate. With the vast array of cultures and peoples in the world it is no wonder that genres of music differ across the globe. We have taken a look at some of the most unique, popular and interesting music from around the world.

From the rock and pop world through to classical and traditional music, this list only scratches the surface of the differing music styles across the planet. You can take a language course plus music in different places across the world.


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5 Hidden-Gems in London

5 Hidden-Gems London

With landmarks such as Big Ben, The London Eye, The Tower of London and Buckingham Palace, London is a popular destination for travellers across the world. However, there is much more to London than these famous attractions. We have listed our top 5 hidden-gems in London.

Discover what the capital city has to offer for a different experience before your next visit to London. This range of attractions are the perfect place to practice your English language skills. And with millions of visitors every year, you need not worry about your skill level.

For those who really want to build on their English language learning in London, Cactus offer a range of courses. Thanks to the close proximity of the city and interconnectivity of the UK, a day trip to London for those staying outside the city is easy and affordable.


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