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Montpellier: An Enchanteur French Language Holiday

French Language Holiday in Montpellier

A Memorable French Language Holiday in Montpellier

From its medieval old quarter to its contemporary architecture and art scene, Montpellier is a charming and dynamic city that is usually among the top places to live in France, according to the French population. Close to the south coast of the country, Montpellier has a typical Mediterranean climate and is one of the most cultured and accepting cities in France. If you wish to savour the best French cuisine while also discovering a perfect mix of lively squares, elegant boutiques and arts festivals, Montpellier is the place to do a French language holiday.

Lewis, our Evening Language Courses Manager at Cactus, took a week long French language course with Accent Français in Montpellier last summer. Here, he shares his French language holiday experience in Montpellier. He also offers a few reasons why you might want to take a French language course in Montpellier too!


Why did you decide to do a French language holiday in Montpellier?

I had previously visited Paris many times and wanted to visit the South of France because it was more appealing as a holiday destination for the summer and much less busy. I have a strong interest in French culture and wanted to improve my French so visiting a new place in France interested me greatly.

French Language Holiday in Montpellier


What did you do during your French language course in Montpellier?

On the first day of the course a tutor assessed my language ability and then I joined an intermediate group. There were students from Bulgaria, Mexico, Japan, and Puerto Rico and with French as our only common language it encouraged me to interact in French from the start.

Each day I took lessons in the morning from 9 – 12, with the time split between 2 teachers and a short break in between. The teachers for my class were both native to Montpellier and were very supportive, encouraging all of the class to contribute to the lesson.

The teaching focused on different aspects of the language. For example a lesson that focused heavily on grammar was then followed by a lesson which involved a lot of speaking and listening activities, so the course did not feel too intense.

Aside from language tuition, the school arranges several activities each day. We were offered walking tours, film screenings, excursions to nearby towns, and food tastings in Montpellier restaurants. The walking tour was free and is a great introduction for the first day in Montpellier as it gave me the opportunity to learn about the city and practice my French listening and speaking skills.

French Language Holiday in Montpellier


What do you think about Montpellier now?

Montpellier is a great city for any tourist. As well as being near the Mediterranean coast (the beach is a short drive from the centre and can be reached by bus or tram) there is a lot to visit including Musée Fabre – a large art museum –, nice botanical gardens and the historic old town with small streets lined with cafes and shops. I really enjoyed the relaxed pace of life in this town and it is an ideal destination to learn French because people are very welcoming.


How would you rate your learning experience during your course?

During my stay in Montpellier I was able to meet several people, both inside and outside of the school, and converse confidently in French at an intermediate level. I also gained confidence when ordering food and drinks, or asking for directions. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in learning French and taking a holiday, the teaching and location were both excellent.


Are you looking to go do a French language holiday in Montpellier? Would you like to go explore the south of France? Do you think about sending your child or teen to a French language camp? Cactus offers a variety of great French language courses for adults and French language camps for juniors, for those looking to start an immersive language experience.

Doing a French language holiday in Montpellier with Cactus is just the beginning! Going away soon? These Basic French Phrases will help you on your way and you can also Download our FREE French Language Kit.

Free French Language Kit


How to Book a French Course in Montpellier?

Please check our How to Book page for more information on the simple secure and easy online booking process. Check the destination page to find more information about a French language holiday in Montpellier.

For information on any of our French courses in Montpellier, please call us on +44 (0) 1273 830 960 or contact us. Our multilingual team will be happy to answer any question you may have.

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