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Spanish Transport Vocabulary

Whether you are visiting Barcelona on a long weekend city break or a week long, sun filled holiday in Cuba, you will at some point need to think about how to get around. We have taken a look at some of the most important Spanish transport vocabulary that will help make any journey a breeze.

From buses and trains to taxis and metro rides, we have listed words and phrases that you will need to learn to make any journey as easy as possible.


Useful Spanish Transport Vocabulary

• Ticket = Billete (m)
• Metro/underground = Metro (m)
• Stop (noun) = Parada (f)
• Direction = Dirección (f)
• Day travelcard = Abono de un día (m)
• Line = Línea (f)
• Zone = Zona (f)
• Platform = Andén (m)
• Bus = Bus/autobús (m)
• Timetable = Horario (m)
• Bus route = Ruta de autobús (f)
• I’ve lost my ticket = He perdido mi billete
• Which metro line/bus should I take? = ¿Qué línea debería coger?
• Do I have to validate my ticket? = ¿Tengo que validar mi billete?
• To the airport = Al aeropuerto
• Could you take me to…? = ¿Me lleva a…?

While these words and phrases are by no way exhaustive, they are definitely a good place to start when learning how to get around in Spanish speaking countries. As well as these phrases and words, a great way to make sure you know where you are going is to check your route and maps beforehand.

Spanish Transport Vocabularly - Taxi in Havana

Apps such as Google Maps allow you to download maps to your phone to be able to be accessed even without mobile data or Wi-Fi connections. Perfect for use on a city’s metro system.

The most sure fired way to guarantee to getting where you are going in Spanish is by learning the local language. There is no better way to learn and immerse yourself in Spanish than by studying in a Spanish speaking country. Spanish language holidays from Cactus are the ideal way to do this.

Discover more Spanish Transport Vocabulary in Spain and learn Spanish with Cactus:

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