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Study Korean and Discover South Korea

Learn Korean and Discover Korea

Study Korean and Discover South Korea

Study Korean and Discover South Korea at the same time! In the past Korea has been over-shadowed by its neighbour Japan, however, with the popularity of K-Pop and the explosion of Korean food on the international restaurant scene, Korea has come into its own in recent years. A fascinating country with a unique and deep culture, combining your visit with a language programme will bring you that much closer to the real Korea.


Is Korean a good language to study?

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Korea’s economy is booming. Not only leaders in technology, Korea is now making strides in the music industry, TV dramas and it’s cuisine can now be found all over the world. Knowing Korean, whatever industry you work in, will give you that competitive edge, enabling you to distinguish yourself from the pack. If you enjoy Korean culture then learning the language will be even easier, helping you understand the K-Pop lyrics, K-Dramas, and of course, chat with Koreans!


Is Korean hard to learn?

Learn Korean and Discover Korea

Learning a new language is always a challenge. As Korean is based on the Korean alphabet ‘Hangeul’ many people think that it is a difficult language to study and learn. However the Korean alphabet did not evolve over a long period of time in the way that other alphabets have. It was deliberately crafted to be easy to learn. The System consists of only 14 consonants and 10 vowels based on lines and circles.  It’s possible to memorise the alphabet in just a few hours. Easy!


What is it like living in Korea?

Learn Korean and Discover Korea

A popular thing to do in Korea is hang out at one of their themed Cafes. At their Dog and Cat Cafes you can grab a coffee and cuddle with the resident dogs or cats. There are even cafes where you can stroke meerkats whilst drinking cappuccino, or sit next to a sheep while sipping your green tea. Some cafes, instead of plates and bowls, offer food from flower pots, mini-toilets or shoes. Korea allows your imagination to run in all directions and turns your ideas into reality.

Learn Korean and Discover Korea

As Koreans are nature lovers and appreciate spending their time outside. On any given Saturday and Sunday you can see them trekking up hills, walking around palaces, and exploring old folk villages. So, try it out yourself and go for a trek on the highest mountain in Seoul, the Bukhansan, or discover one of the many botanic gardens and folk villages.

The third and most vital aspect to life in Korea is the food. Korea is a taste bud extravaganza. From Kimchi to Bulgogi (a mixed rice bowl), from Omija tea to traditional Korean BBQ, there are not enough mealtimes in the day to satisfy all the different dishes and flavours that you can try.


Try out these 5 Traditional Things in Korea

Learn Korean and Discover Korea

Korean culture is well preserved, and continues to be so. If you take the time to get to know and respect the Korean culture you will get much more out of your time in South Korea. Their culture is really interesting and you will understand why if you make it to visit and see some of the temples, palaces and other cultural places. Beforehand have a look for our 5 things you should know and try out yourself about the Korean Culture:

1.Korean Attire

Korean people are very proud of their customs, art, architecture and traditional attire. The name given to the traditional Korean dress is ‘Hanbok’. People of all ages wear it with pride as it is one of the emblems of their cultural identity. You will find a lot of shops around palaces and gardens where you can rent the ‘hanbok’. Visit a palace or garden, rent a Hanbok and get some great photos for Instagram!


2.Koreans At Home

There are definitely some differences between the Western and Korean practices and customs in the home. A interesting custom and tradition you will experience when entering a Korean home is taking off your shoes. When it comes to table manners, remember to not stick your Chopstick in your rice bowl. Koreans will welcome you into their home, so give it a try and visit a Korean Family.


3.Korean Food & Drinks

Koreans like to have food and drinks after work with their colleagues and friends. Aside from rice, you will find a lot of different dishes on the table. Koreans believe that sharing their food such as Kimchi, sweet corn or other vegetables will strengthen the relationship. And when it comes to drinks, such as Soju, you should always live by the rule of not filling your own glass, but everyone else’s glass.


4.Korean Transportation

When you are taking public transport, it won’t take long for you to notice that Koreans rarely speak. If you are talking loudly in a group or on the phone, don’t be surprised if someone gives you a sign to be quiet. Don’t be offended, just enjoy your ride!


5.Korean Clothing

Whether you are a man or a woman it will not escape your notice that Korean women will wear very short skirts and very short shorts. In addition it’s important to not expose too much of the shoulders or the décolletage. Have a look around and find more differences for yourself.


If you would like to find out more about South Korea and its traditions, culture and language then why not Study Korean and Discover South Korea with us!


How to Book a Korean Course?

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