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Studying English and Working in Brighton

studying and working in brighton

Studying English and Working in Brighton : My First-hand Experience

by David Vales

After checking Google day and night, day after day, you finally make up your mind: you are moving to the UK to study English and get a job. It all sounds great and it is, but now you have more than a thousand unanswered questions. Where are you going to study? What kind of English course is best for you? Will you find a job straight away? Where are you going to live?

My name is David Vales, and four years ago I was exactly in this situation. I wanted to come to Brighton UK to brush up on my English and get some work experience, I just wished someone had given me the advice that I am going to give you right know. There are three main points to focus on: finding an English course, finding accommodation and finding a job. We will assuming that you are moving to the UK with enough money to live for a month, and that your objective is to find everything you need (job, home, school) as soon as possible. So this is what I would do if I could go back in time and do everything again.

Finding an English Course

You have probably already seen a thousand schools on Google. Your’ve compared prices but comparing quality is equally important. It is better to attend a good school for 6 to 15 hours than a bad school with 18 people in a class for 25 hours per week. Personally I would not book more than 15 hours per week, because you do not know when you will be working.

Finding accommodation

The most cost effective and easiest way to find accommodation is by staying with a host family through an English course provider. In many places like Brighton or London finding a room is more difficult than finding a job, knowing that you have a room when you arrive gives you peace of mind; otherwise you will be so stressed out that you will not be able to focus on your other 2 goals. Once there, you can look for a room in a shared flat in websites which specialise in good and affordable rental accommodation.

Finding a job

Be realistic and start looking immediately. Do not think that you will find your dream job, look for one that is going to pay your expenses. Nowadays there are thousand of websites at your fingertips offering part-time and temporary work or freelance work. Prepare your CV and a cover letter and start applying. Once in the UK print 100’s of your CV and hand it into every single restaurant, company or place of work you are interested in.

So, now there is no excuse. Pack your things up, print your boarding pass and enjoy! In less than two weeks and with a bit of luck you might be working, studying and enjoying the UK and a whole new experience!

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