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5 Useful Summer Holiday Phrases and Travel Tips


With summer holidays upon us many people will be taking the opportunity to spend some time in foreign climes. We’ve put together a collection of useful summer holiday phrases to give you a language boost while visiting other countries and interacting with locals.

For extra help with your next vacation, we’ve also added some tips and tricks for popular tourist destinations. Learning a language with Cactus can really maximise your travel experience and help get fully immersed in the local culture. 

Find out the 5 useful summer holiday phrases for your next trip abroad and start learning a new language today.


Useful Summer Holiday Phrases

“Where can I get a taxi?”

FrenchOù puis-je trouver un taxi?  

GermanWo bekomme ich ein Taxi? 

ItalianDove posso prendere un taxi? 

Japaneseタクシーはどこでつかまりますか?(Takushī wa doko de tsukamarimasu ka?)  

Korean어디서 택시를 탈 수 있나요? (eodiseo taegsileul tal su issnayo?) 

PortugueseOnde posso apanhar/pegar um táxi?

Spanish¿Donde puedo conseguir un taxi? 

Tips & Tricks

Many countries in the world have a licensed network of taxi drivers. Always be sure that you are using a regulated and genuine taxi, particularly when hailing on the street. Certain taxi drivers in certain countries, for example Germany, do not regularly drive empty and will return to a taxi rank/base for new customers.   

Tipping taxi drivers is very specific to each country and payment method. In Japan, tipping your driver is not necessary or expected whereas in European countries it is more common. 


“Do you speak English?”

FrenchParlez vous Anglais? 

GermanSprechen sie Englisch? 

ItalianLei parla inglese? 

Japanese英語を話せますか?(Eigo o hanasemasu ka?) 

Korean당신은 영어를하십니까? (dangsin-eun yeong-eoleulhasibnikka?) 

PortugueseVocê fala Inglês?

Spanish¿Habla usted Inglés? 

Tips & Tricks

While travelling and visiting a new country, we all like to try out the local language. However, there are times when the conversation gets a bit to complicated for your skill level and so it is always handy to see if you can find a mutual language.  

Many large cities in European countries are frequently visited by English speaking tourists and so restaurant and bar owners are comfortable conversing in English. Many Asian countries, particularly Japan, have a great deal of multi-lingual signage throughout major cities. Though you may find  only a small percentage of the population being fluent in English, particularly in rural areas.  



“Thank you very much!”

FrenchMerci beaucoup!

GermanVielen Dank! 

ItalianGrazie mille! 

Japaneseどうもありがとうございました!(Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita!) 

Korean매우 감사합니다! (maeu gamsahabnida!) 

PortugueseMuito obrigado!

Spanish¡Muchos gracias! 

Tips and Tricks

Saying thank you in the majority of countries is commonplace and politeness is always respected. There are certain platitudes but which are less common in certain countries. “Have a nice day” for example has little meaning in Germany due to the directness of their culture, so don’t be offended if you get little response.  

“How much is this?”

FrenchCombien ça coûte? 

GermanWieviel kostet das? 

ItalianQuanto costa? 

Japaneseどうもありがとうございましたこれはいくらですか? (Kore wa ikuradesu ka?)

Korean얼마예요? (eolmayeyo?) 

PortugueseQuanto custa isto?

Spanish¿Cuánto cuesta este? 

Tips and Tricks

The majority of shops in major cities around the world have pricing displayed. In Western countries in particular, these are non-negotiable. However, smaller stalls and vendors in countries such as Spain and Greece can potentially be haggled with to reduce pricing. 

Haggling is very common in Asian and African countries. This can add to the excitement of visiting bazars and markets, as well as the chance of getting some good bargains. 


“What time does it open?”

French À quelle heure ouvre-t-il? 

German Wann öffnet es? 

Italian A che ora apre? 

Japanese 何時に開きますか?Nanji ni hirakimasu ka? 

Korean 몇시에 오픈하나요? myeochsie opeunhanayo? 

PortugueseA que horas abre?

Spanish¿A que hora abre? 

Tips and Tricks

Opening times of attractions, bars and restaurants vary throughout the world. Many European countries follow the similar pattern of the UK. Most places opening between 8-9am with attractions closing between 5-7pm. Restaurants and bars in Western Europe tend to remain open until 10-11pm in major cities but can be earlier in smaller locations. Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Malta and Spain will serve even later, particularly in summer, due to the heat. 

Restaurants in Japan and China tend to take last orders a lot earlier than many other countries, but bars stay open later particularly in cities such as Tokyo. 

Sunday opening hours are also worth bearing in mind when visiting a country. In many North European countries Sunday trading laws prevent certain shops from opening or restrict their opening hours. 



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