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Reasons to Send Your Child to a Summer Language Camp

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Why Send your Child on a Summer Language Camp?

As social and economic globalisation continues to develop at a rapid rate, the importance of language skills, in both the workplace and in life, continue to be highlighted by employers and government education departments all over the world. Learning a language as a child or young person is often easier than as an adult – and there is no better start to learning or improving a language than joining a summer language camp. The experts at Cactus Language have provide their top reasons for why sending your child on a summer language camp may be your best decision for their future!

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Immersion works

Taking a summer language camp, in the country that the language is spoken, offers children and teenagers the best way to learn a language. From the day they arrive they will be surrounded by the language and every day they have the opportunity to practise and improve in a relaxed and fun environment. There are many situations where they will need to use the language in order to communicate – and it is this necessity that develops both their ability and confidence in the language. At a summer camp the children and teens live, eat and sleep the language – so much so that they forget that it is also an educational experience.


Learning can be fun too

All of our summer language camps, from English to Spanish, French to German, offer a full programme of fun activities, sports, games and trips throughout the week and weekends. With classes in the mornings and a wide choice of sports, social events and cultural visits in the afternoons, and day excursions at the weekends, the children have the chance to relax and enjoy themselves. Every activity gives them the chance to practise what they have learnt in the classroom with both their classmates and their native speaking activity leaders.


Not just language skills but skills for life

In a summer language camp environment the children develop a range of soft-skills and life-skills in addition to their language skills. Making friends with children from all over the world and working in teams with members from different cultures and customs builds assertiveness, independency, negotiating skills, and self-confidence. These are the skills that your children and teens will return with should you send them on a language camp this summer.


Download our free Guide for Parents

If you want to help your children and teens improve not only their employability but their ability to mix with people from all over the world then you want to find out more about our Summer Language Camps – download our free Guide for Parents. This guide answers all your questions about summer language camps – from where they sleep, to who looks after them, to how much pocket money they need. Cactus Language offers summer language camps in the UK, Spain, Italy, France and Germany – simply download our free Guide for parents to get a better understanding of whether a language camp is right for your child or teen.


How to Book a Summer Language Camp?

Please check our How to Book page for more information on the simple secure and easy online booking process. Check the location links to find more information on our Summer Language Camps Abroad.

For information on any of our Summer Language Camps, please check Our free Summer & Winter Language Camp Guide for Parents, call us on +44 (0) 1273 830 960 or contact us. Our multilingual team will be happy to answer any question you may have.


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