TEFL Guaranteed Job Interview

TEFL Guaranteed Job Interview

Book your TEFL course with Cactus (excludes Cactus TEFL Online Courses) and we will guarantee you a job interview for a teaching position in the UK, Spain, China, Indonesia, among other locations. You must take and pass your course with us in April, May or June. Start planning your next career today!

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Terms and Conditions for TEFL Guaranteed Job Interview

1. Customers must book their TEFL course with Cactus TEFL between 26th March and 30th June, to be taken and paid in full in the months of April, May and June.
2. By the end of the course customers must be informed by the centre that they have passed the course.
3. Customers who meet requirements in (1) and (2) will be a guaranteed job interview for a teaching positions selected by Cactus.
4. Customers will need to meet the requirements set out by the interviewing organisation/school.
5. Customers will notify Cactus TEFL which teaching position they want to be considered for two weeks in advance of the end of the course, allowing Cactus two weeks to confirm their interview.
6. Customers will be interviewed within 1 month of completing their TEFL course.
7. The interview will be organised by the interviewing organisation/school and not by Cactus.
8. Customers may or may not be offered a job by the interviewing organisation/school. No responsibility will held by Cactus.
9. Cactus reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time.

  • EAQA
  • WYSE
  • British Chambers of Commerce