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TEFL Jobs in China

Teaching Opportunities

If you are thinking of teaching English in China then you should know that the number of students learning English in China is on the rise and that there is a huge demand for English language teachers! There are plenty of English teaching positions available in China for certified teachers looking to embrace a new opportunity and schools are recruiting all year-round.

If you prefer the fast paced city life of Shenzhen, or want to be immersed in the more traditional culture of a smaller city, we have the position for you! From Shanghai to Beijing, choose where you want to be and take advantage of the added benefit of learning Chinese Mandarin or Chinese Cantonese whilst you are there. Speaking these languages are highly desirable skills across a wide range of jobs and industries, and will mean you will return home with an improved skill-set.

Reasons to teach English in China

✅ Experience a unique and fascinating culture, climb the Great Wall, explore The Bund in Shanghai, and visit the Terracotta Army

✅ Use your base in China to discover other Asian countries – Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia – are all close by

✅ Take advantage of the lower cost of living to save and either travel or bring back savings to your home country

Requirements to teach English in China

✅ Bachelor’s Degree

✅ Recognised TEFL Certificate

✅ Teaching Experience preferred, but not essential

To find out if English language teaching is right for you, take our free online TEFL eligibility test today.

Job Summary

Teach English in China with EF!

Ready for a change? Here’s your opportunity. We have job openings for teaching positions across China, so if you prefer the fast paced city life of Shenzhen, or want to be immersed in the more traditional culture of a smaller city, we probably have the position for you!With EF, you’ll be able to teach, travel and train in China and discover a rewarding career.


✅ Several locations across China

Job Requirements

✅ A Bachelor’s Degree
✅ A TEFL Certification
✅ The ability to obtain a clear background check
✅ Availability to live abroad for at least 1 year
✅ To meet China’s legal visa regulations, you must be a citizen from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.


✅ Basic Salary of 12,500 – 13,750 RMB based on experience and qualifications
✅ Performance bonus after 6 months up to 1,950 RMB per month for teachers who work at our Kids & Teens schools
✅ 667 RMB monthly flight allowance
✅ Sponsored legal Z work visa
✅ 10,000 RMB salary advance available
✅ Health insurance
✅ 10 paid annual leave days plus 11 national holidays
✅ Airport pick-up upon arrival
✅ Free hotel accommodation during your first two weeks at EF English First
✅ ESL certification program including Cambridge TKT, Trinity CertTESOL, Trinity DipTESOL and University of Queensland IDLTM
✅ Free Mandarin Chinese lessons
✅ Weekly EF sponsored social & cultural events
✅ Teacher advantages discount scheme
✅ Job rotation scheme

How to apply

If you wish to apply for this position please click here!

Job Summary:

Do you dream of faraway places and want to experience adventure in a different country? With new opportunities to learn a new language?

China offers all the above, environmentally the landscape is vast and diverse as the cities that are built in and around the country itself. China enjoys the commercial advantages of all the western main cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. In contrast, China also celebrates her natural culture and environment in cities that are not so exploited by capitalism. It’s worthwhile exploring.
*Living cost are much lower than UK. With the salary you earn, you can have a comfortable life.*

You may ask, do I need to speak mandarin to teach in China? The answer is no; you do not need to. In school, you will have Chinese assistance who will help you to communicate with students. In daily life, most of the young generation of Chinese can speak English. They may could not speak perfect English, but it is enough for basic communication. The public transportation has English translations in major cities. You also can easily find Chinese people to teach you mandarin for free if you teach them English as language exchange.


✅ Many cities across China

Job description

✅ Subject to Teach: English
✅ Teaching Hours Per Week: Approx. 20 classes per week.
✅ Office Hours per week: 20 hours
✅ Working Days Per Week: 5 days
✅ Students’ Age: adults, teenagers or children
✅ Duration of Each Class: 45 minutes – 1 hour
✅ Contract Length: 12 months with renewable contract
✅ Salary: 10,000 CNY – 18,000 CNY (1,100 Pounds to 2,000 Pounds) per month – Based on qualification and experience. The average salary in China is around 5000 CNY (560 Pounds) per month. So the salary you will get is in middle to middle upper class in China.
✅ Flight Allowance: 4000 – 8000 CNY (Provided after successful applicant completes the contract)
✅ Medical insurance: Provided
✅ Apartment: Well-furnished apartment with bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen; Or housing allowance is provided
✅ Holidays: Enjoy all the legal holidays
✅ Visa: Supported

Candidates we are looking for

✅ Bachelor degree in any discipline
✅ The candidates who does not hold a Bachelor degree can be still considered.
✅ Due to the restriction of applying work visa in China, the Chinese government can only issue work visa to the passport holders from UK, USA, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand or Australia to teach English in China.
✅ Ability to live abroad for 12 months or an academic year
We are looking for candidates that have a bright and outgoing personality, who are open-minded enough to accept and embrace the challenges that come with living and teaching abroad. We need candidates who are full of enthusiasm, and who have a sense of loyalty to the job, to the students and to the staff they will be working with.
It is not essential to have any previous teaching experience although this is obviously helpful. It is not necessary to have travel or work experience either.
✅ Candidates must have no criminal record and there is no foreign language requirements for any of our teach abroad programs.The most important aspects are that you have the right attitude, a strong desire to teach and a willingness to learn!

How to apply

If you wish to apply for this position please send us your CV by email here!

For more information and enquires please visit the website – we are recruiting all year round.

Job Summary

Highly paid opportunities with free airfare, accommodation, insurance, work visa in cities and age groups of your choice in China!

Details of Position

Founded in 2011 in Guangzhou, China, BEST Education has exerted its influence in countries all around the world, including China, the U.S., the U.K., and Australia. In our endeavour to pursue equality in education, we are dedicated to developing and delivering high-quality education programmes and training opportunities to serve every student thirsty for knowledge.

The service provided by BEST Education can currently be divided into four main categories: International Academy co-established with public schools, study trips, language training and overseas university application consultancy.

We are running seven international academies that adopt the world-renowned education systems—-International Baccalaureate (IB) and A-LEVEL—- in state-owned Chinese secondary schools in Guangzhou, with over 400 students on campus currently. Since 2011, we have provided consulting service and university application support to over 2000 students and helped them enroll in their dream schools both domestically and overseas. Every year, thousands of our students travelled to different countries and learned the diversified cultures, with over 1000 students joining our summer camp in China, and over 800 students travelling abroad.


✅ Bachelors Degree or higher
✅ Trinity CertTESOL, CELTA or higher
✅ High level of commitment and enthusiasm for teaching and academic studies
✅ In-depth command of teaching techniques and problem-solving skills
✅ A clear background check
✅ Native speaker or native level speaker


✅ Basic salary of 12,000 to 20,000 RMB per month. You can expect a very decent life and great saving potential thanks to the low living cost in China.
✅ Free airfare
✅ Legal work visa
✅ Free accommodation
✅ Choice of multiple locations such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhongshan and Foshan
✅ Health insurance
✅ Pre-departure, onboarding and relocation assistance every step of the way

How to apply

If you wish to apply for this position please send your CV, cover letter and a recent photo by email here!

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