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Top 5 Cities for Foodies

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Top 5 Cities for Foodies.. Across the World!

Each country and culture has its own array of gastronomic specialities, but there’s no denying that some places are just synonymous with good food. Often, it’s countries with French, Spanish and Italian influences that boast a particular gastronomic prowess. However, there are some cities in the world with cuisine that is quite simply on a different level. Here’s our pick of the 5 cities for foodies (and language enthusiasts) across the world. This selection will have you salivating, enthusing….. and returning home a stone heavier!

Cactus offers outstanding language and gastronomy courses for foodies across the world. If you have any questions about any of our courses please call us on +44 1273 830 960 or contact us. Our team of multilingual experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Discover Top 5 Cities for Foodies.. Around the World:

1. Naples – Delicious Italian Pizza

Top 5 Cities for Foodies Across the World

It’s one of the most interesting cities to visit and also one of the best to eat some delicious Italian food. Naples is famous the world over for its amazing cuisine  and deservedly so. One of the tastiest and best-known dishes worldwide, Neapolitan Pizza, originates from thin Southern Italian city. In Naples most things that you eat will prove to be mouth-watering. It’s not just in the restaurants where you can find fine food though – you can join a cooking class and learn to cook some delicious delicacies yourself.

Napes is located in the region of Campania, and the region as a whole is fairly impressive in food terms. From Naples you can easily get to the stunning Amalfi Coast and from Naples the island of Capri is just a short boat ride away. You can do all of this whilst learning Italian in Naples, one of the best cities in the world for foodies.

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2. Valencia – Home to Paella

Top 5 Cities for Foodies Across the World

Located on Spain’s eastern Mediterranean coast, on the Gulf of Valencia, it’s no surprise that much of Valencia’s cuisine has seafood as its main component. In gastronomic terms, Valencia is probably best known for being the home of paella, Spain’s most iconic dish. Communal paella cooking and even paella competitions are common at festivals. One of the great things about eating in Valencia is that it’s really affordable. Great for the bank balance, not so great for the waistline!

Valencia is home to some fantastic markets as well as restaurants. Of particular note is the central market, or Mercado Central de Valencia, which comprises 8000 square meters of market space inside the steel and glass building that is decorated with Valencian ceramic tiles. Well worth a look in itself…

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3. Lyon – Michelin Star Restaurants

Lyon may be France’s second city in terms of size, but when it comes to food it definitely takes the top spot. It’s quite an accolade when you consider the prestige associated with French food internationally. Specifically, Lyon has made a name for itself as a capital of gourmet and luxury food. There are countless Michelin-starred restaurants across the city and region. Aside from these, Lyon is also well known for its ‘bouchon’ restaurants. ‘Bouchons’ are a type of bistro, but with a fairly limited menu and a very unpretentious kind of décor. Most bouchons are family-run, and the majority of the chefs are women. They are women as the so-called ‘spiritual descendants’ of Mère Fillioux, Tante Paulette and Mère Brazier, and other female master chefs who helped Lyon achieve gastronomic glory early in the 20th century.

When you look at the vast array of local produce that is grown and made in the surrounding areas – fish from the Savoy lakes, fruit and vegetables of the Rhone valley and the wild game of the Dombes to name but a few – it’s no wonder really that Lyon is one of the top cities for foodies across the world.

One thing’s for sure…no matter how little money you have, heading to a fast food outlet in Lyon would be inexcusable!

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4. Buenos Aires – Steaks and Wine

Top 5 Cities for Foodies Across the World

Buenos Aires is a city that is famous for many things, Tango and football predominantly. However, ask any self-respecting foodie what they associate with the city and there can only be one answer – STEAK. Simply, what you’ll find in the restaurants of Buenos Aires is the undisputed king of steak. Cattle in Argentina graze in areas that have nutritious natural grass and lots of spacious, green pastures – as a result, the meat that is produced is free of additives and contaminants, giving you what will be the best steak of your life.

There are hundreds of authentic and quality steakhouses to enjoy in Buenos Aires, but vegetarians need not worry. There’s plenty on offer for vegetarians and vegans too. With a strong Italian influence, the city has lots of fantastic pizza and pasta places, and recent years have seen an influx of quality Asian eateries too.

There’s one more thing that you have to mention when it comes to Argentinean gastronomy, and that’s the wine. Argentina produces some of the world’s finest red wines, which you can enjoy at a bargain price in Buenos Aires.

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5. New York – Food from Everywhere

Think of a food associated with New York and you might say hot dogs, but really the city has no one signature dish or ingredient. This is hardly surprising when you think of the hugely diverse nature of the city. New York has always been a huge mix of ethnicities and nationalities, and that’s really the foundation and appeal of its gastronomy. New York City has a range of food and restaurants that you just won’t find anywhere else in the world. In New York, you could feasibly eat a different type of food each day of the year and still have more options to try. Happily, the huge range of food available applies not only to tastes but to prices too Despite the high cost of living, it’s still easy to find affordable place to eat and enjoy.

As is the case all over America, the size of the portions will may come as a bit of a surprise. Remember though, you don’t have to wolf down the whole lot and give yourself indigestion! American restaurants are great advocates of the ‘doggy bag’, which means you can take any leftovers home and enjoy for a second time when your belt is back to its original notch!

The last city on our Top 5 cities for Foodies is a great place to try some food from all over the world whilst learning English!

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Are you a food lover looking go abroad and explore one of the cities on our top 5? Do you dream about learning a language and discovering a new culture? Cactus offers a variety of excellent language courses for those looking to start an immersive language experience.

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