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Top 5 Places to Learn French

Top 5 Places to Learn French

Top 5 Places to Learn French Across the World

How should you choose where to learn French? With so many French speaking countries to choose from, so many interesting cities and fantastic beaches it is difficult to know where to take your French language holiday. With our top 5 places to learn French you can take your pick from our favourite options!

France is an obvious destination as the birthplace and home of French but there are many more exotic and intriguing locations, from the Indian Ocean to the Caribbean, where you can immerse yourself in the francophone culture!

1. Reunion Island, Indian Ocean – An Undiscovered Secret

top 5 places to learn French

Reunion Island or ‘La Réunion’ is one of the most unusual places to learn French in the world. This small island in the Indian Ocean provides an exotic backdrop to your French language learning experience.

From paradisaical beaches and majestic landscapes to stunning towns and tropical forests every day is a new adventure, all whilst immersing yourself in the French-speaking culture. There is no doubt that Reunion Island takes the first spot on our top 5 places to learn French!

French courses in Reunion Island from €385

2. Lyon, France – A Gastronomic Experience

top 5 places to learn French, French Courses Alpadia Lyon

Lyon is the perfect place to learn french if you want to combine your learning experience with a culinary experience to delight your taste buds!

Situated at the confluence confluence of the Rhône and the Saône rivers, Lyon is also renowed for it’s fantastic local cuisine, extensive eating options, and wide range of dining experiences! You will be able to learn French and have a taste of the “joie de vivre”!

French courses in Lyon from €225

3. Martinique, The Caribbean – A Beach Paradise

top 5 places to learn French, French Courses Martinique

French is spoken all over the world so why not take a French language course in The French Caribbean, because, now you can. The paradise island of Martinique is 70km long and 30km wide.

Martinique is also known as the ‘Island of Flowers’, the turquoise waters that can be found on all sides and the abundance of coconut trees should not distract you from the colourful tradition dresses (madras), the sensual dancing and the delicious French’s Creole food.

French courses in Martinique from €300

4. Biarritz, France – The Pearl of the Basque Coast

top 5 places to learn French, French Courses Biarritz

Biarritz started to draw attention and experienced its own ‘golden age’ in the mid-19th century when Napoleon III made it his regular holiday spot. The city still retains much of the glamour and sophistication from this period and exudes an air of self-importance.

Its rocky coastline offers some of Europe’s best surfing and attracts hoards of surfers every year. The two exist in perfect harmony and provide a unique atmosphere in a beautiful location.

French courses in Biarritz from €300

5. Montpellier, France – A Multicultural Hive

French Courses Montpellier

The capital of the Languedoc-Roussillon region Montpellier is a lesser known excellent alternative to Marseille and Nice. It is equally as stylish, elegant and graceful as its more populated counterparts and benefits from Northern African influence to make it one of southern France’s most multicultural cities.

Montpellier’s student population dates back to the 13th century when its university was established. The student population now makes up over a third of the population and keeps this old city young in many ways. No top 5 places to learn French would be complete without giving Montpellier a spot.

French courses in Montpellier from €230


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