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Top 5 Places To Learn Italian

Top 5 Places to Learn Italian

Top 5 Places To Learn Italian in Italy!

It’s not surprising that more and more people are starting to learn Italian. The international love affair with Italian food crosses continents and from Tuscany to Venice, Florence to the Amalfi Coast, Italy provides some of the most stunning scenery and architecture in Europe. Italian is one of the most romantic sounding languages, as well as being strongly connected to art, culture and literature. There is no better way to learn a language than by taking an Italian course in Italy where you can fully immerse yourself. Here are our Top 5 Places To Learn Italian in Italy.


1. Rome – Authentic Italy

Top 5 Places to Learn Italian

Italy’s Capital Rome is layered with history and heritage. The city is brimming with ancient ruins, world-famous galleries and must-see museums. But Rome is so much more than just its glorious past. It is a modern, evolving and a vibrant capital, with a passion for art, food and life. There is also so much to explore in and around Rome that even spending a month there would not be enough.

Its year-round sunshine makes it a popular destination for tourists and Italian language learners alike. Visit some of the world’s major heritage sites, indulge in the Italian gastronomy and stroll at sunset along Rome’s colourful streets.

Start learning Italian in Rome, get a taste of the authentic Italian way of life and discover why Rome is our number one on our Top 5 Places to Learn Italian.

Explore our Italian courses in Rome


2. Florence – The City of Renaissance

Top 5 Places to Learn Italian

Not only is Florence the capital of Tuscany, it is also one of the world’s finest cities. It is a haven for art and history and home to stunning Renaissance architecture, beautiful gardens and exceptional museums. Visit stunning palaces and enjoy some of the most spectacular art of the admired work of Renaissance masters such as Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci.

Florence is also a great place to enjoy Italian cuisine and to taste some savoury regional specialities from Tuscany. Moreover don’t forget to make a Day-trip to the beautiful Island of Elba and taste the wine in the ravishing neighbouring Chianti hills.

Take an Italian language course in Florence and start your immersive experience in Italy.

Explore our Italian courses in Florence


3. Naples – The Home of Pizza Napoletana

Top 5 Places to Learn Italian

Naples, the capital of Southern Italy, is famous for being a chaotic and edgy city.  However, it is also a city full of humanity, impressive architecture and, above all else, delightful food. Naples features glorious Baroque churches, exceptional museums and stunning panoramas dominated by the imposing Mount Vesuvius.

The city is also the best place in Italy to taste Italian food. Naples’ region is the birthplace for pizza, and you will also find great Italian pasta and seafood dishes.

Enjoy the city’s natural beauties and discover the best Italian food in Naples

Explore our Italian courses in Naples


4. Sorrento – Enigmatic Amalfi

Top 5 Places to Learn Italian

Experience the best of Southern Italian culture on the glamorous Amalfi Coast in Sorrento. The city is a popular seaside resort yet a marvellous town with some beautiful places to visit. Hike up the Mount Vesuvius, enjoy the incredible views of the Mediterranean see and visit the world famous ruins of Pompeii.

Not only is Sorrento set in a stunning landscape, it also offers a mild and sunny climate.  Enjoy your time strolling through the charming streets and take in the breathtaking views. Explore the Amalfi Coast, Positano and the famous island of Capri.

Take an Italian language course in Sorrento and start your immersive experience in Southern Italy.

Explore our Italian courses in Sorrento


5. Venice – The Romantic City

Top 5 Places to Learn Italian

Take your gondola ride back in time. Venice is famous for its canals, its marble palaces, for its charming churches and above all its romantic atmosphere. A truly iconic city. Visit exceptional theatres, museums and art galleries. Taste the delightful Italian cuisine and experience Venice Carnival at its best.

From the renown Canal Grande, St Mark’s Basilica and the Palazzo Ducale, to the omnipresent boats and numerous delightful restaurants. Venice is a great destination for Italian language learners.

Take an Italian language course in Venice and start immersing yourself in the Italian culture and gastronomy.

Explore our Italian courses in Venice


How to Book an Italian Course?

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