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Top 7 Places to Learn French

top 7 places to learn french

Our Top 7 Places to Learn French in France, and the Rest of the World

With a language as widespread and prestigious as French, choosing the best place to improve your langue française can be difficult. To make things easier we have selected our top 7 places to learn French, based on location, activities, school facilities, and tuition quality. From cosmopolitan cities to remote tropical beaches, our top 7 places to learn French will help you discover your personal favourite and get you started on your French language learning journey.

1. Reunion Island, Indian Ocean – A Hidden Island Paradise

top 7 places to learn french
‘La Réunion’, as the French call Reunion Island, is one of the most exiting places in the world to learn French. This remote little island in the Indian Ocean was discovered by the Portuguese in the 16th century, then inhabited by settlers from France and Madagascar, and has since become a part of France. From paradisaical beaches and majestic landscapes, to stunning towns and tropical forests – Reunion Island has everything an exotic island adventure should include. Our school in La Reunion is small, offering an experience that caters to your personal needs and individual language goals.

Explore French courses in Reunion Island

2. Lyon, France – A Culinary Journey

top 7 places to learn french
Lyon is known for the production and weaving of silk, and also for its integral role in the early years of French cinema. Situated at the confluence of the rivers Rhône and Saône, nowadays Lyon is most famous for its fantastic cuisine, extensive eating options, and wide range of dining experiences. It is the perfect destination for the culturally interested foodie with class. Learn French at one of our accredited schools in Lyon while having a taste of the ‘joie de vivre’!

Explore French courses in Lyon

3. Martinique, The Caribbean – Pristine Beaches and Turquoise Waters

top 7 places to learn french
Also Known as the ‘Island of Flowers’ Martinique offers clear turquoise waters, lush vegetation and an enticing Caribbean flair, as soon as you set foot on the island. You will spend your time surrounded by stunning beaches and coconut trees, the colourful traditional dresses known to the locals as ‘madras’, and delicious French Creole food. Immerse yourself in the island and you will soon be speaking the language with confidence.

Explore French courses in Martinique

4. Biarritz, France – The Jewel of the Basque Coast

top 7 places to learn french
Biarritz started to draw attention and experience its ‘golden age’ in the mid-19th century when Napoleon III made it his regular vacation spot. The city still retains the glamour and sophistication of this period and exudes an air of a luxurious vacation spot, but one not just for aristocrats. Travellers love the city’s deeply rooted culture and historical architecture, and its rocky coastline offers some of Europe’s prime surfing beaches, attracting surfers year after year. Our school in Biarritz offers high-quality tuition with one of the best schools in the country.

Explore French courses in Biarritz

5. Montpellier, France – A Multicultural Hive

tpp 7 places to learn french
The capital of the Languedoc-Roussillon region Montpellier is equally stylish, elegant and graceful as its more populated counterparts, while it benefitting from a Northern African influence, making it one of southern France’s most culturally diverse cities. Montpellier’s student culture dates back to the 13th century when the prestigious University of Montpellier was first established. Since then student life and language learning have been interwoven with the city’s everyday life and hosting students has become a matter of cultural pride. Today the student population makes up over a third of the population and keeps this traditional hub of education young, vibrant and highly fashionable.

Explore French courses in Montpellier

6. Paris, France – The City of Love and Culture

top 7 places to learn french
No trip to France’s prime learning locations would be complete without the city of love and arts. The capital of the ‘Grande Nation’ is the birthplace and focal point of French culture and has been the dream destination of lovers, artists, lyricist, cooks and tourists for centuries. Be it witnessing the glorious art at the Louvre, enjoying the breath-taking view from atop the Eifel Tower, keeping up with the newest haute couture in enchanting boutiques or just wandering the lovely streets of the famous arrondissements – Every single experience in Paris is worthy of being on a true globetrotter’s bucket-list.

Explore French courses in Paris

7. Montreal, Canada – Old Culture in the New World

top 7 places to learn french
Like no other stop on our list Montreal is a city of opposites. It manages to combine the wild and adventurous spirit of the Americas with the profound and sophisticated influence of French culture. From its quaint old city centre to the modern landmarks that have earned the city the title of UNESCO City of Design in 2006, this cosmopolitan centre of French-Canada will engage all of your senses. Montreal’s pulsing cultural scene provides an abundance of exhibitions, comedy shows, concerts and festivals. With its two official languages Montreal can, furthermore, be called one of the very few truly bilingual cities, which makes it especially hospitable to beginner and advanced students of French alike.

Explore French Courses in Montreal

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