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Top Stunning Landscapes to Learn In

Top Stunning Landscapes to Learn In

Learning a new language is exciting and fun. But there is one way to make the learning of a new language even more enjoyable, learning in the native speaking country! We have compiled a list of the top stunning landscapes to learn in. And what’s more, all of these destinations offer courses available to be booked via Cactus Language.



Top Stunning Landscapes to Learn In


Dominated by the Andes mountain range, the landscape of Chile sprawls from the tropical north of the country to the cold sub Antarctic tip in the south. The ancient glaciers and mountaintops follow your eyeline across the land adding dramatic definition to the country.

Chile is also the home to the Atacama desert. This expanse of salt and rock is the driest place on Earth. Some areas see less than 1mm of rain a year and others haven’t had a drop of rainfall in over 500 years! The high mountain peaks across the 12,000 square kilometre expanse are so high that they are said to be the birthplace of the Inca Sun God.

This vast and stunning landscape is home to Santiago, the capital of Chile. Home to over 5 million residents, this city is in stark comparison to its natural surroundings. With traditional South American buildings and modern structures, the city is surrounded by salt plains and mountain ranges. Learning Spanish in these surroundings is second-to-none and allows for amazing urban and rural exploration when not studying.

This combination of natural expanses, mountain ranges and a vast difference in climates makes Chile a stunning landscape to learn in.



With mountainous backdrops and over 100 active volcanoes, Japan is a dramatic landscape to learn in. Its beauty however is also undeniable. Between March and mid-May the Cherry Blossom season is in full swing and decorates streets and parks across the country with a delicate covering of pink.

The natural beauty of the islands is also contrasted with the stunning cityscapes of the country. From the futuristic looking Tokyo to the traditional Kyoto, the dramatic natural landscapes blend perfectly with these urban areas.

Cactus offer Japanese courses in Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe and Fukuoka, each offering their own sense of stunning landscapes to learn in.



Combining ancient human history with natural wonders, studying Italian in Italy is hard to beat. With the Northern Alps and stunning Tuscan hills, you are surrounded by natural beauty wherever you go in this Mediterranean country.

With the ruins of Rome being the biggest draw to most visitors of Italy, the romantic draw of other cities such as Venice, Florence and Verona all add in to make the country desirable and attractive to explore.

The beautiful backdrops and warm climate make Italy a stunning location to learn in. Cactus offer language school locations in over 8 cities across the country, from Milan and Venice in the north to Palermo on the island Sicily off the south coast of the country.



Studying Portuguese in Brazil not only brings with it the joy of a new language, but also the chance to explore this vast country.  With its combination of rainforests, mountains and sandy beaches, Brazil is a travellers paradise!

Our school is located in Olinda, a small colonial town located north of the city of Recife. Situated on the northern peninsula coastline, Olinda combines many stunning aspects of Brazil making it a perfect basecamp when visiting another country to learn the language.

stunning landscapes to learn in - Brazil

The city is built on a leafy hill surrounded by great sandy beaches. Influenced both by African and European cultures, Olinda has developed a rich and colourful heritage with charming colonial houses and baroque churches.

The vast, sprawling green coverings of Brazil make it one of the stunning landscapes to learn in.



Known for its lush green pastures and dramatic coastlines, Ireland offers visitors a beautifully stunning landscape to learn in. Known as the Emerald Isle, the green of country’s iconic clover leaf is seen across the land.

stunning landscapes to learn in - Ireland

The climate of Ireland is temperate with some harsh winds across the open expanses. However, thanks to the humidity and temperate climate, Ireland remains green throughout the year.

Traditional villages scatter the countryside adding to the quaintness of the country. This quaintness is in stark contrast of the dramatic coastline which is covered with rocks and cliffs. The Irish landscape is perfect for studying English in whilst exploring this beautiful island nation.


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