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Learn Arabic

Arabic Language Courses – Why Learn Arabic?

Cactus offer a wide range of Arabic language courses abroad. Have grown in popularity over recent years and the impetus to learn Arabic as a second or third language has increased. As the language of Qu’ran, the Holy book of Islam, Arabic is the most widely spoken language of the Muslim world. Learning Arabic will allow you to immerse in cultures of different countries.

Originating in Saudi Arabia in pre-Islamic times, Arabic spread rapidly across the Middle East. It is now spoken by over 200 million people in more than 22 countries worldwide. From Morocco and Iraq to United Arab Emirate and Jordan. The Arabic language today has many regional dialects. But, if you take the time to learn Arabic, you’ll be introduced to a vast number of fascinating people and cultures the world over.



Where Can I Learn Arabic?

You can learn Arabic from Morocco to Jordan. You can take Arabic lessons in some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Our full-immersion courses provide the perfect combination of classroom tuition and extra activities. The perfect experience to make the most of your time abroad.

Our Arabic classes will immerse you in the Arabic language and develop your language skills. You will be learning Arabic with qualified and experienced language teachers. Arabic lessons take place in accredited schools that offer the best facilities in central locations.



Where is the Best Place to Learn Arabic?

With the growing importance of the Middle East in international affairs many are looking to learn the language. There is a shortage of employees in the West who are versed in Arabic language and culture. Many countries now consider Arabic a language of strategic importance. Thus, those who study Arabic can find often stand out and find a career in a variety of fields. From journalism, to education, and finance and banking.

You can learn Arabic in different places across the Arabic-speaking world. Most will offer Modern Standard Arabic. The best option if you want to communicate with people of different countries.



Start Learning Arabic

There are many courses and learning options to start learning Arabic. It can be often difficult to know where to start your Arabic language learning journey. From immersive Arabic courses, to part-time classes to online Arabic courses. Before studying the language it’s important to assess which type of language course is the most appropriate for you. So find out what are the best ways to start learning Arabic.



How Can I Check my Arabic Level?

Are you at beginner level or advanced level? You can check your Arabic language level for free! Test your Arabic with our Arabic language level test. Find out which level is right for you before you book!

For a detailed quote about learning Arabic and free consultation please contact us. Or, call us on 00 44 (0) 1273 830 960.


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Online Arabic Courses

Cactus offers online Arabic language courses for students looking to learn Arabic wherever they are. Courses are interactive and engaging, and students can enjoy real-time interactions with teacher.

Arabic Courses in the UK

An excellent way to improve your Arabic language skills before or after your language course abroad with Cactus. We offer Arabic language courses across the UK. Including Arabic courses in London, Edinburgh and Manchester.

Private Arabic Tuition

Cactus offers a range of options for Arabic private tuition. You can choose one-to-one classes in your home or place of work. If you prefer online, private Arabic lessons at the time and place of your choice. More information on our  Private Arabic Lessons division.

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