German Transport Vocabulary

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German Transport Vocabulary

Planning a trip to Germany? Feeling nervous about your hotel transfer or navigating your way around the city you are visiting? No need to worry! We have put together a list of some of the most common and needed German transport vocabulary to help you get around.

This list will give you a good basic grasp on all the areas of transportation you might need. It covers all the main phrases and words you could possibly need on a trip to Germany. From helping understand signage to simple phrases which might help you out of a confusing situation.

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Spanish Transport Vocabulary

Whether you are visiting Barcelona on a long weekend city break or a week long, sun filled holiday in Cuba, you will at some point need to think about how to get around. We have taken a look at some of the most important Spanish transport vocabulary that will help make any journey a breeze.

From buses and trains to taxis and metro rides, we have listed words and phrases that you will need to learn to make any journey as easy as possible.

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Mardi Gras in France: Everything You Need To Know

Mardi Gras

While we associate Shove Tuesday in the UK with pancakes, in France and French speaking areas of the world, it has another meaning altogether. Mardi Gras is celebrated in cities across the world. But, it is synonymous with a number of places in particular. But what is Mardi Gras and how is it celebrated? We have taken a look at this exciting and fun celebration to help you understand more about the Mardi Gras carnival!

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Carnival in Spain: Everything you need to know

Carnival in Spain

In the UK, Shrove Tuesday is celebrated by eating sumptuous pancakes with all manor of toppings. Yet, across the world it is celebrated much differently. In Spain, for example, the final day before Ash Wednesday and the start of the Christian fasting season Lent is celebrated as Carnival. Carnival in Spain is a flamboyant and fascinating event. It is one of the biggest party of the year with locations such as Cadiz and Tenerife being world famous for their celebrations. Continue reading Carnival in Spain: Everything you need to know

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