Italian Summer Camps

Italian Summer Camps

According to the British Council, Italian is the fourth most learned language in British schools. It is a good option which will differentiate you from speakers of Spanish or French and could be an asset in your future career and knowing Italian also helps with learning the other romance languages. Wherever you want your child to learn Italian, whatever type of activities you want them to do, Cactus has the right programme for your child or teen. Have a question? Why not Download our free Summer & Winter Language Camp Guide for Parents?

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Why Book an Italian Summer Camp with Cactus?

✅ Take an Italian Summer Camp in a wide range of locations across Italy

✅ Develop skills, fluency and confidence in the Italian language

✅ Great preparation for Italian GCSE or A Level

✅ Make new friends of the same age from all over the world

✅ Take part in a stimulating programme of social, sporting and cultural activities

✅ Courses available for children and young adults aged between 11-18 years

✅ Parents can often attend a course in the same location with our family courses

✅ Explore more reasons to send your child on a Summer Language Camp



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Private Tuition

Cactus offers a range of options for Italian private tuition including one-to-one classes in your home and Skype lessons at the time and place of your choice. For more information about our private tuition options please visit our Italian private tuition division.

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