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Take a TEFL Course and go on an adventure! When you qualify as a Teacher of English for Speakers of Other Languages and you can work anywhere in the world. The difficult decision is often where to go. Being an English teacher gives you the opportunity to discover new cultures, explore new places and have a flexible life style. If you are looking for your first teaching job, or are looking to move on from your current role, look no further! Cactus TEFL has plenty of up-to-date opportunities from all over the world. We also offer language teaching positions for languages other than English. For some people TEFL is a short-term project, undertaken for a year or two or sometimes even less, whilst for other EFL teaching is a career. Whatever your intention, there will certainly be opportunities for you.

What to Consider before Applying for a Teaching Position

Professional Considerations

Achieving your TEFL qualification is your first step on the TEFL ladder. How high you wish to climb is up to you. You may already have some teaching experience, but if not you need to establish how much academic/professional support you feel you will need when you start your first job. Many jobs require you to teach specialist classes as well as General English courses. If so, you might wish to take an extra training course (online or face-to-face) to equip you with the necessary skills. Some schools will offer in-house training and professional development sessions which will give you support throughout your time there. Some schools will also offer a career path into exam preparation classes or teacher training. These are often available in larger schools and it’s always wise to ask about this in your interview.

Social and Cultural Considerations

Once you are TEFL qualified you will be filled with a much-deserved sense of achievement, confidence and excitement. You can now get a job pretty much anywhere in the world! This said, if your new job is in an unfamiliar far-flung location then ensure you adequately prepare yourself for the differences in culture and expect a little homesickness initially. Before you begin applying for jobs abroad it is important to think about whether you would be happy to be the only native English teacher in a school, or town, or whether you would rather have others in the vicinity. This is especially important if you do not speak the local language. Careful research about your prospective school will tell you how many teacher are employed and if you will be the only native English speaker. Many people choose larger cities in order to take advantage of the established ex-pat community that these places offer. In addition, different cultures have different values and beliefs, whether you consider them to be the right or wrong, you need to bear these in mind before applying for a teaching position.

Qualifications Required

✅ A recognised TEFL Certificate (such as the Trinity CertTESOL or Cambridge CELTA)

✅ Bachelor’s Degree – most places will require a degree (in any subject)

✅ The ability to obtain a clear background check

Remuneration and Benefits

✅ Attractive Salary

✅ Performance Related Bonus

✅ Professional Development

Get Qualified with Cactus

If you are not yet certified Cactus TEFL can help you choose the right course so you. If you would like to know if you are eligible to take a TEFL Course – take our TEFL Eligibility Test and check our TEFL Offers before applying for a TEFL Course.


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