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Beginners Immersion Language Courses

Immersion Language Courses for Beginners

Are you looking to start learning a new language? Are you considering going abroad to take an immersive language course for beginners? Then there are a few questions you can ask yourself before getting on an immersion Language courses for beginners.

Cactus offers outstanding language courses for adults and junior language camps for children and teens. If you have any questions about any of our courses please call us on +44 1273 830 960 or contact us. Our team of multilingual experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Have a question? Why not Download our free Language Holidays Brochure for Adults?


Am I really a beginner?

If you already have some knowledge of the language, you may be wondering whether your are a complete beginner or not. It might have studied it at school or have already been exposed to it. Our partner schools always ensure that students of the same level in the same group. On your first day at the school or before the course start, you will need to take a placement test. Then you will assigned to the correct group. Beginners courses have fixed start dates so you will need to choose carefully. However, language courses from elementary to advanced start every Monday throughout the year.

If you know you are a complete beginner then you can choose your start date for a Beginners course, you do not need to take the level test. If you do know a little of the language then it is always best to take our free online level test to check which level programme you should book.

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What to expect from a language course abroad?

Taking a language course abroad with a language school is a very exciting experience from a classic language course. You may have attended a language course at school or university but this will be different.

For a start, language schools follow the communicative approach. Students have the opportunity to discover the mean and use of language through tasks and activities, instead of explanations from the teacher. There are lots of pair-work and group-work, which allows students to learn through doing and maximise their speaking practice. Be ready to actively participate in the lesson! Making mistakes is perfectly normal and expected; this is essential to your progression. The teacher will create a relaxed and friendly environment in which you feel comfortable using the language. All courses are immersive, and the teacher will only use the language that you are learning. If you feel lost or stuck, your teacher will be happy to clarify and make sure you understand by using visuals, gestures and examples

Being in the country where the language is spoken, you will be fully immersed in the language. This is a fantastic opportunity to put what you learn in the classroom into practice outside of the classroom! You will benefit from the course itself, but you will also progress by using the language on a daily basis. It’s a great idea to practice the language outside the classroom as much as possible. Try using what you have learned during your stay!

Interacting with the locals is the best way to experience the culture first-hand. Speaking the local language is a sign of respect and it will always be appreciated. Even if your knowledge of the language is still limited, go ahead and use it!


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How long will it take me to learn a language?

Your progression will vary depending on the similarities between your mother tongue and the language you are learning. It will also depend if you have experience of learning other languages, and of course, your own learning pace.

If you attend all your classes, actively participate, and interact with the locals outside the classroom, you will be surprised by the progress that you make.

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When can I start?

Most of our partner schools offer language courses for complete beginners starting on the first Monday of each month. When clicking on ‘Book now‘ you will see the starting dates for each level.


Start Learning a Language Today – Immersion Language Courses for Beginners

There are so many reasons to go on immersion language courses for beginners. Improved career options, experiencing and understanding new cultures, broadening your friendship groups, travelling the world with a different perspective, the list goes on. Once you have decided you want to learn a new language it is sometimes difficult to know where to start. Generally, people know which language they want to learn but often they are not sure how to begin. The language learning experts at Cactus have assessed and summarised the language learning options for each language, and this will help you on your way to start your language learning journey.


Start Learning English
Star Learning French
Start Learning German
Start Learning Italian
Start Learning Portuguese
Start Learning Spanish


To find out more information about any of immersion language courses for beginners or to book simply contact us. Our multilingual team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, call us on 00 44 (0) 1273 830 960




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