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Spanish Language Courses

Cactus has been offering Spanish courses in Spain and Latin America for over 15 years. With many of us speaking Spanish ourselves, we have first-hand experience of this vibrant Latin language - many of us visiting our schools and taking the Spanish courses too!

We offer Spanish courses in over 70 locations worldwide. Click on the links below to search all Spanish courses by location or by specialist Spanish Language courses. Alternatively, why not get some inspiration from our fantastic Top 5 courses or our Spanish articles on our blog?

Where would you like to learn Spanish?

Why not take an evening course in Spanish prior to your trip?

Specialist Spanish Courses

For a Spanish course only, please search by using the location links above. For a specialist Spanish course and more information on accommodation, please use the boxes below.

Our most popular Spanish courses - Your top 5!

  1. Spanish General Course (20 lessons per week)
    Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  2. Spanish Combined Course (20 group + 5 individual lessons per week)
    Cordoba, Spain
  3. Spanish Young at Heart Course (20 lessons per week)
    Seville, Spain
  4. Spanish Individual Language & Dance Course (20 language lessons + 5 Dance lessons per week)
    Havana, Cuba
  5. Spanish Individual Course (20 lessons per week)
    Havana, Cuba

Cactus Language - Top 5 Spanish Courses

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Culture in Spanish speaking country

Spanish culture in Spain

Immersing yourself in another country is not just about learning the language; it's about your interaction with the people and understanding of their way of life. With this in mind, we're delighted to bring you our brand new pages on culture, offering you interesting, valuable and at time quirky information on your chosen country's land, people, attitudes and beliefs. Together with your language learning, this is the ideal way to ensure you get the most out of your stay abroad.

Spanish culture in Spain

Argentine culture in Argentina

Chilean culture in Chile

Costa Rican culture in Costa Rica

Guatemalan culture in Guatemala

Mexican culture in Mexico

Panamanian culture in Panama

Peruvian culture in Peru

For more information on our Spanish language courses, please contact Cactus Language today.

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