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French Courses Montreal

French Courses Montreal: Learn French in Montreal

Montreal is a truly bilingual city, located between French-speaking Quebec and the rest of English-speaking Canada. At the heart of a multicultural country, Montreal is the second largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris. Montreal is also a dynamic city with a festive atmosphere. It boasts a significant cultural life with numerous music concerts, festivals, and art exhibitions. There is much to explore, from the quaint old town to the warm and surprising underground city. Start learning French in Montreal with Cactus Language and immerse yourself in the Canadian culture. If you are interested in learning French in Montreal and booking one of our French courses Montreal why not take our free online French level test to check your level?



Where to Learn French in Montreal?

Central Montreal – BLI Montreal School: This school is centrally located, in the Old Montreal, and a first choice for many French language students looking to discover the city. Choose from a range of different French language courses.

All of our French courses in Montreal are delivered by accredited French language schools which offer the highest quality French language teaching and tuition. For more information to learn French in Montreal or to make a booking, please contact us.



Why Learn French in Montreal?

✅ Discover the Canadian spirit in a multilingual city

✅ Enjoy Montreal’s buoyant cultural scene

✅ With four first-class universities, Montreal has a large student population

✅ A first-rate shopping destination

✅ Watch an ice-hockey match and support the local Montreal Canadians team

✅ Ride the Montreal metro and stop to glaze at its unique artworks

✅ A major airport easy to travel to

✅ Speak to one of our advisors today Hablamos español, Nous parlons français, Parliamo l’Italiano



Choose Your Programme in Montreal

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