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French Courses Biarritz: Learn French in Biarritz

This ravishing seaside city has been a prime resort for the international VIPs since Napoléon III and Europe’s royals started to come here in the 19th century and built the elegant Belle Epoque hotels that characterise Biarritz today. Then, in the 1950s, the first surfers made the Basque city the most popular surfing spot of all Europe. Biarritz is a wonderful mix of smart and laid-back lifestyle, with surfers, celebrities, and party-goers alike all contributing to the city’s cosmopolitan atmosphere. And there is much to explore beyond Biarritz, from the sandy beaches at the foot of rocky cliffs to the typical Basque cities of Bayonne and Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Take a French language course in Biarritz with Cactus Language.

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Why Study French in Biarritz?

✅ Spend the night in smart bars and casinos

✅ Surf on the wild Atlantic waves

✅ Easily travel to the neighbouring Spanish Basque country and San Sebastian

✅ Only two hours from Bordeaux and Bilbao by train

✅ Biarritz is a top destination for surfing. Find out more about the best surfing destinations for beginners

✅ Speak to one of our advisors today Hablamos español, Nous parlons français, Parliamo l’Italiano


French Courses Biarritz – Choose Your Course

CourseTypeSchoolAge groupPrice 
ShowStandard CourseGeneralFrance Langue BiarritzAdults£270pwBook now »More details
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ShowFrench + SurfingLanguage + SportFrance Langue BiarritzAdults£491pwBook now »More details
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ShowIntensive CourseIntensiveFrance Langue BiarritzAdults£322pwBook now »More details
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ShowFrench Teacher Refresher CourseTeacher Refresher CourseFrance Langue BiarritzAdults£330pwBook now »More details
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ShowJunior Surf Summer Camp (14-17) JuniorsFrance Langue BiarritzJuniors£783pwBook now »More details
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ShowFrench + ThalassotherapyLanguage + Well-beingBLCI - Biarritz Language Course InstituteAdults£522pwBook now »More details
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ShowIntensive CourseIntensiveBLCI - Biarritz Language Course InstituteAdults£348pwBook now »More details
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ShowStandard CourseGeneralBLCI - Biarritz Language Course InstituteAdults£261pwBook now »More details
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ShowFrench + GolfLanguage + SportBLCI - Biarritz Language Course InstituteAdults£487pwBook now »More details
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ShowFrench + SurfingLanguage + SportBLCI - Biarritz Language Course InstituteAdults£435pwBook now »More details
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