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Dutch Language Courses – Why Learn Dutch?

Learn Dutch by taking one our Dutch courses online or in the UK! Dutch is a Germanic language spoken by more than 23 million native speakers in the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as in Suriname in South America. It is also widely understood in former colonies such as the Dutch Caribbean and Indonesia. In addition Afrikaans which is spoken by millions in South Africa and Namibia, shares many of the same tonal intonations and grammatical structures as Dutch and they are mutually intelligible.

Dutch is the 7th most-spoken language in Europe and the 30th most-spoken language of the 1000s of languages spoken in the world. Even more importantly, the Netherlands and Belgium belong to the largest trading partners of both the UK and the US, making Dutch an extremely important language in import/export. With the majority of Dutch speakers being fluent in English there may seem little reason to learn Dutch but remember that even though you may “buy in your own language” you will find it’s much easier to “sell in the foreign language.”



Start Learning Dutch

There are many courses and learning options available from part-time courses to online Dutch courses to start learning Dutch. Before studying Dutch it’s important to assess which type of language course or combination of courses is the most appropriate for you. So find out what are the best ways to start learning Dutch.



How can I check my Dutch level?

Are you at beginner level or advanced level? You can check your Dutch language level for free! Test your Dutch with our Dutch language level test. Find out which level is right for you before you book!

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Online Dutch Courses

Cactus offers online Dutch language courses for students looking to learn Dutch wherever they are. Courses are 10-weeks, interactive and engaging, and students can enjoy real-time interactions with teacher.

Dutch Group Language Courses – UK

An excellent way to improve your Dutch language skills before or after your language experience abroad is by taking a group Dutch evening language course with Cactus. We offer Dutch courses in London.

Dutch Private Tuition

Cactus offers a range of options for Dutch private tuition. Your Dutch classes can take place anywhere in the world and they will be tailor-made to your personal needs and interests, enabling you to make rapid progress. Find out more about private Dutch courses or contact us with your requirements..

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