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The accommodation is a key part of the immersive language experience, whether you are staying with a welcoming family, other students in a residence, or a shared apartment. Our accommodation provides opportunities for language learners to gain better understanding of the local culture and to practise the language.
All accommodation is selected according to strict criteria, and language learners can choose from self-catering to full-board. Have a question? Why not Download our free Language Holidays Brochure for Adults?


Host Families

Do host families live close to the school?

This depends on your chosen destination. In our smaller locations families can be within walking distance, 5-20 minutes. In larger cities (such as Paris, London and Moscow) students may need to take public transport for up to 45-60 minutes. Please indicate at the time of booking if you have a preference on this and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
Do the families speak English as well as their native tongue?

The majority of families speak little or no English. They are used to hosting foreign students and speaking slowly and clearly. We recommend taking a bi-lingual dictionary just in case! But don’t be afraid of making mistakes – try to keep the conversation flowing and thinking in the target language.

What does a typical host family comprise of?

Schools offer a range of families, single parents, retired couples, professional couples, all of which are carefully selected and vetted by the school.

If I am over 30 can I still stay with a host family?

There is no age limit for host families. They welcome students of all ages and nationalities.

Do I need to bring my own towels etc?

We always recommend that you bring your own towels, especially when visiting a beach location. Many of the families will provide these in European locations but generally, students staying in shared apartments/student residences must bring their own.

Will the accommodation have a laundry service?

For long stays host families may provide this on request. If you are staying in a residence or apartment there may be a shared washing machine. Please check this with your language course advisor before departing.

Can I use the kitchen in the host family?

Generally it is not possible to use the host family’s kitchen to prepare your own meals. However in some European locations we can organise this. Please check this first before making your booking.


Shared Student Apartment

A shared apartment gives you the opportunity to live with foreign, and/or native, students in a friendly and independent environment. Just remember that you may have to make an effort to practise the language outside class! Apartments are located within walking distance, or a short bus ride, of the school. You stay in a single room, or double room if travelling with a friend, and share the kitchen, bathroom and living area with the other students. A deposit may be required upon arrival, and bed linen is provided but towels are not. Please remember that apartments abroad, and especially those in Europe, may not be of the same standard as in your home country: they are clean but they can be small and basic. Please also note that shared apartments fill up quickly during the summer, when there tends to be a higher number of younger students.


Private Apartment

A private apartment is the ideal accommodation if you are looking for complete independence and a little more comfort during your stay. Apartments are furnished and come fully equipped with kitchen and bathroom. We offer a range of options, ranging from studios to 1 or 2-bedroom apartments, depending on your requirements and budget. Private apartments can be located in any part of town but will be within walking distance, or a short bus ride, of the school. A deposit may be required upon arrival, and electricity and water expenses are sometimes extra. Please give us as much notice as possible if booking a private apartment.


Student Residence

A student residence can vary in size depending on location and availability. In some cases a residence is spread over one or more floors of a large building, accommodating students of all ages and nationalities, and in others it’s more of a traditional, house-type environment. Residences are usually located in the city centre and are within walking distance, or a short bus ride, of the school. You stay in a single room, or double room if travelling with a friend, and receive meals as stated if offered in your location (bed & breakfast, half board or full board). The kitchen, bathroom and living areas are shared with other students, but in selected locations you may have your own bathroom. We recommend this type of accommodation if you’re looking for independence whilst staying in a truly international environment.



If you want complete independence, or are travelling accompanied, you may prefer to stay in a hotel. Please contact us with your requirements and budget and we will be happy to quote you.

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