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Benefits of a CELTA Online Course

Benefits of Online CELTA Course

15 Benefits of CELTA Online Course

Are you passionate about helping others? Do you want a career that gives you opportunities to travel around the world? Taking the internationally recognised Cambridge CELTA Online and becoming an English language teacher will enable you to teach anywhere in the world and online. From career development, flexible working roles, to gaining valuable contacts in the industry – there are so many benefits of taking the Cambridge CELTA Online course.


Here are our 15 benefits of CELTA Online Course:

1. The most widely recognised TEFL qualification in the world

Everywhere in the world, employers of English language teachers consider the CELTA an excellent preparation for English language teaching.


2. Teach anywhere around the world

The CELTA is recognised by the international institution that is the British Council and the qualification will allow you to teach anywhere across the globe.


3. University of Cambridge Accredited Qualification

The CELTA is accredited by Cambridge English Language Assessment, which is part of the University of Cambridge.


4. Widely Required by Employers

It is the qualification asked for by 9 out of 10 English language teacher employers in the UK and 7 out of 10 English language teacher employers worldwide (source: Cambridge English)


5. No Expiry Date

This qualification does not expire – you will be qualified to teach English for the rest of your life, giving you an employment option that you can leave and come back to whatever stage of life you are at.


6. Training with the Best Language Schools

Taking a CELTA with Cactus TEFL means that you will be train with the best language schools and centres across the world. Each CELTA centre must pass a set of rigorous criteria set out by Cambridge before they can offer the CELTA course.


7. Small Group Training

The trainer ratio for the CELTA is 6:1 per teaching practice group, giving you the benefit of small group training for your practical teaching experience.


8. Career Support and Guidance

We offer career guidance to our CELTA graduates and during your course, you will receive a careers talk, with interview tips and where to find teacher jobs.


9. Meet People With Similar Interests

You will most likely share similar interests to the people you take the CELTA course with – particularly teaching and travel! You are likely to make some very good friends, perhaps life-long, from this experience.


10. Gain valuable contacts in the industry

Your CELTA trainers will be some of the best contacts that you can make in the industry. They will know where to apply, what it’s like teaching in different countries and may even be able to offer you a job at the school you are studying at.


11. Finish in Four Short Weeks

The CELTA, compared to other qualifications and courses is short in length whilst providing you with immediate potential employment opportunities


12. Opportunities to travel the world

Once you have passed the CELTA you can work and live anywhere in the world. It’s completely up to you.


13. Flexible Working Roles

Within the English language teaching industry there is a lot of flexibility to live your life as you choose. You can take roles that pay you by hour, where you can choose the number of hours you work and then spend the rest of the time on other projects or interests or other work. There are also opportunities for full time roles which will pay you a salary and holiday pay. Spend a year in one country and then move to a different country the next!


14. Career Development

The CELTA also offers a career path and career development. You can go into many different areas of international education off the back of a CELTA and some teaching experience including: school management, teacher trainer (trainer of new teachers), international business development, materials writing and publishing, exams and assessment, and marketing.


15. Develop your Soft Skills and Training Skills

The CELTA will also develop your soft skills and training skills. These are invaluable to all employers across all industries – so regardless of whether you stay in the industry or not the CELTA will be a qualification that will help you communicate with people both at work and in your personal life, for the rest of your life.


Further Information on Benefits of Online CELTA Course

For information on the CELTA Course check our CELTA Online page, FAQs page, contact us, or call us, one of our multilingual team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Download Your Free Online CELTA Brochure to read more on benefits of Online CELTA Course:

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