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Top 3 German Summer Camps in Germany

Top 3 German Summer Camps

Top 3 German Summer Camps in Germany for Children and Teens

As one of Europe’s main languages, German is often seen as a gateway to access both future career opportunities and Germany‘s world-class higher education system. Learning German can give young students the chance to take a degree course in Germany, and also ready themselves for future employers across a wide range of industries. Choose one of our Top 3 German Summer Camps in Germany in the homeland of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Made in Germany and combine picturesque landscapes with progressive cities and the chance to not only improve but accelerate your child’s German language skills.

Spoken not only in Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland, and parts of other Central European countries, German is one of the most important languages in Europe. Cactus offers outstanding language camps in Germany for your child or teen. If you have any questions about our German Summer Camps in Germany please call us on +44 1273 830 960 or contact us. Our team of multilingual experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also Download our free Summer & Winter Language Camp Guide for Parents?


1. Watersports & German in Berlin

German Summer Camp Berlin

Combine learning German with water sports at the beautiful lakes outside of Berlin. Children & teens can choose from canoeing and sailing to surfing and kayaking, all held at the Summer Camp’s private harbour in Lake Wolzig. Our German Summer Camp Berlin Watersports provides language tuition with native speaking teachers in the morning and fun watersports activities in the afternoon. The summer camp also includes informative excursions across the region in the afternoons and at the weekends.

The accommodation is full-board, residential and on-site with full safeguarding processes and procedures in place. There is no doubt that German Summer Camp Berlin Watersports takes the first spot in our top 3 German Summer Camps.

Explore German Summer Camps in Berlin


2. Alpine Adventure & German in Munich

Top 3 German Summer Camps

German Summer Camps Munich is located in a traditional Bavarian village in the alps, just outside the city of Munich. This summer camp provides a picturesque environment for young learners of German.

The village is very popular with German children & teens, who like to spend their summer holidays here. Your child will meet some of them at our summer camp: they stay on site with the international students and best of all, they take part in all the after-class activities as well. This gives the international students a fantastic opportunity to practise the language with people their own age in a
‘real life’ setting! The accommodation is on-site, full-board and includes airport transfers.

Explore German Summer Camps in Munich


3. Discovering Bavaria & German in Lindenberg

Humboldt Institute Lindenberg German Junior Camp

Nestled in the charming pre-Alps, Lindenberg is a small serene yet active thermal Bavarian town. Its population is known for being friendly, talkative and welcoming. Surrounded by stunning mountains and close to Lake Constance,  this German summer camp has a variety of outdoor activities included in the programme.

Young learners will enjoy a broad range of sports activities thanks to the presence of the neighbouring mountains and exceptional sports facilities. And there is much to visit across Bavaria, providing students with many group excursion opportunities. On-site residential and full-board accommodation is provided by the school.

Explore German Summer Camps in Lindenberg


How to Book a German Summer Camp?

Please check our How to Book page for more information on the simple secure and easy online booking process.  Check the location links to find more information on the Top 3 German Summer Camps.

For information on any of our Top 3 German Summer Camps, please check Our free Summer & Winter Language Camp Guide for Parents, call us on +44 (0) 1273 830 960 or contact us. Our multilingual team will be happy to answer any question you may have.


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